Rainbow Tours

Pioneers of responsible travel, at Rainbow Tours, every itinerary is carefully constructed to support the conservation of wildlife, protect surrounding natural landscapes and encourage further development in host communities. Selling Africa, Madagascar and Latin America, it was my role to promote this exceptional brand, bringing creative marketing campaigns to market.


Safari & Wildlife Guide

This incomparable guide covers over one hundred pages and brings to life a collection of incredible worldwide wildlife experiences. From constructing the initial pagination right through to print, I thoroughly enjoyed working with well-regarded writers, photographers and an exceptional project team, to bring this beautiful piece to customers.

Costa Rica Campaign

To coincide and promote the launch of British Airways’ direct flight from London Gatwick to San Jośe in Costa Rica, I developed a creative six-week campaign which spread across a variety of media. I crafted pay per click advertising copy, organised digital banner advertising, wrote pieces for use both off and online, worked with journalists to organise press trips and designed a creative direct mail piece.

Event Management

Directing stand build, organising speaker slots and staffing, and arranging catering, I logistically prepared everything required for a range of events for the Rainbow Tours brand including Birdfair, Destinations – The Holiday & Travel Show, and a Madagascar evening at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London.

Condor Wings Partnership

I worked with Condor Travel in South America to support WINGS, a non-profit organisation helping disadvantaged people in Peru. I managed the funding for a project so that Huatata Preschool and Primary School in the country, could build and maintain a vegetable garden, enabling the children at the school to grow their own food, add fresh produce to their diet and lead a more sustainable life.

I also wrote a piece titled Spread Your Wings which was published in the company magazine.

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